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As LessonsWorldwide grows, it has become more and more important to clearly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, our teachers, and our business strategies. These are the five core values that we live by every day:


We Accept G.R.E.A.T Music Teachers


    G - Genuine (Be there to support your students)

    R - Relatable (If a student is struggling, relate to and

                               guide them)

    E - Enthusiastic (Be cheerful for your students and their


    A - Attentive (Quickly see and hear how your student can


    T - Thankful (Thank students for attending lessons to keep

                            them looking forward to the next lesson)

Values for Our Featured Music Teachers

The teachers who have been selected for LessonsWorldwide are of the highest performance, teaching and trust standards.

Our teachers go beyond teaching music. We at LessonsWorldwide feel that our teachers are mentors and emerging leaders themselves who are here to provide a listening ear, positive reinforcement, guiding suggestions, warm feedback, and ideas to shape their students into wonderful musicians and people.


LessonsWorldwide is a socially-conscious, community-driven organization committing 1% of all proceeds to international musical education non-profits.


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