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Private, experienced music teachers review the requirements to be a featured and teach all music lessons from home to music students.

What are the requirements for being featured as a LessonsWorldwide teacher?


This looks like the start of a wonderful friendship.






-Teach at least one of these subjects endorsed by LessonsWorldwide


-Have at the ability to teach through Skype with your PC or laptop


-Have a valid SSN and US bank account so you can receive payments for lessons you teach


-Able to maintain available teaching hours





1. Create a 1- 2 minute audition video showcasing your musical talents with a warm introduction about yourself and the previous successes of your students. Here's an example of a music teacher audition.


2. Pass interview and background check


3. Get new students


Everyone interested in joining our marketplace must go through our quick account setup/screening process. Once your profile is listed on our website, we’ll take care of the big-picture marketing.

We'd love to work with you. First, make sure you meet these requirements:

Now, let's get started!


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