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LessonsWorldwide is the fastest growing and world’s largest marketplace for music tutors to teach personal lessons from home with Skype, and is currently available in 203 countries. Our mission is to create a more musical world through music education and technology. We are a team of one founder in the U.S., with six assistants throughout the world focused on international growth and helping musicians reach their goals. LessonsWorldwide hires tutors in a culture of being G.R.E.A.T, being Genuine, Relatable, Enthusiastic, Attentive, and Thankful.  The LessonsWorldwide internal culture is also focusing on being G.R.E.A.T, Growth, Retention, Engagement, Action-Based, and Timeliness.


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Kevin Jouannic is the founder and CEO of LessonsWorldwide. Previously, he was a co-founder of the music practice system, ProSeries. Kevin has been advising startups throughout Gainesville, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts for two years. He is also an applicant to Forbes' and Inc's '30 Under 30' awards. In the photo below, Kevin is with Daymond John, an investor on the hit show, ABC's Shark Tank, and appointed the ambassador of entrepreneurship for the U.S. by President Barack Obama. Having been a music tutor for 10 years, Kevin's goal is to create a more musical world through music education and technology by connecting students to high-quality tutors.


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LessonsWorldwide offers music lessons with private, supportive, qualififed music teachers for piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, and singing.



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