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A privtate, qualified guitar teacher is teaching a guitar student music and guitar lessons through LessonsWorldwide.

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Guidelines for new students

We understand finding a high-quality and flexible music tutor for your child can be  overwhelming. Many students continue to learn from the same music tutor for months and years. We've gone through a thorough hiring process to allow only the most trusted and most qualified tutors to be represented on the website. All of our tutors are selected because of their commitment to excellence and helping their students become better musicians. Tutors are expected to sign into Skype exactly on time or minutes before the scheduled lesson, and to be completely prepared to teach a fun, exciting, and supportive music lesson. We want to make the selection as simple and smooth as possible so your child or children can begin learning music this week. Agreements:


Our team is focused on your children achieving their musical goals. Take a moment to get to know  the founders, both who are professional musicians and have taught music lessons for a combined 16 years.






Children Under 5


Kids under 5 are certainly able to start learning things like rhythm and recognizing sounds, but in most cases are not ready to work with a specific instrument. This is the perfect time for at-home activities that will foster your child’s love for music, such as singing songs together, listening to music during other activities, and watching performances.


Ages 5-10


Most children will be ready to begin music lessons at the age of 5 or 6. At this age, the fine motor skills involved in playing an instrument are usually developed, and students can begin learning how to read and recognize notes on the staff. Piano is one of the most common instruments to begin with at this age, and can pave the way for other instruments as your child progresses.


Age 10+


At the age of 10 and above, most kids are ready to handle just about any instrument. This is also the time they may start band or orchestra programs, if your school offers them, which introduces them to a wide variety of instruments. (Keep in mind that child sizes are available for some instruments, such as guitar and violin, and should be sized appropriately.)


Please be with child for the first three lessons to hear and see how smooth and easily the communicating and learning are happening. We want you to feel comfortable enough with the lessons that you can even be cooking dinner while your child is learning music.


We focus on helping your child become a better musician, and learn new skills through weekly music lesson. Many children who take music lessons feel a higher sense of self-worth and confidence.

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Our Commitment to You


Our highest commitment and priorities are the safety and privacy of our clients, especially with children and minors. This is why all of our tutors are background-checked and participate in a live interview to find their qualifications and experiences for teaching children. Through resources  based on a collection from from many national associations, all of our tutors are also taught how to teach children, teenagers, children with special needs, and children with spectrum autism. Also, after choosing a tutor, your credit card information is secured and will never be shared.


Student Success Stories

Our company's 100% refund policy is part of the company's customer satisfaction policy for learning music with private music lessons.



Are online music lessons safe?

At LessonsWorldwide, online safety is a core part of our service and something we take incredibly seriously. We work to ensure student safety.




Is my credit card information safe?

We do NOT store your credit card information. We've partnered up with an industry-leading billing agency to handle all recurring credit card transactions. All credit card data is encrypted by an SSL connection when transmitting to their PCI-Compliant network.




How  quickly  can my child expect results?

We are committed to you and your child's success! Every student learns at his or her pace. Most students are able to hear and experience noticeable results within 3 weeks of music lessons







Simple and Free to Begin. Even better, all new students instantly receive a user name and password to Naxos Music Library, a $99 value!




Free Tools to Help Your Child




Track Each Week's Accomplishments




If you have any questions, call 805-874-ARTS (2787), or please email our expert support team at support@LessonsWorldwide.com. We will respond within 30 minutes. Thank you for your interest. Wed love to help you find the tutor who's right for your child or children!

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Trust & Safety

How to Start


Online Metronome

Practice Calendar


Preparing Your Child for Lessons


After scheduling lessons with us, you'll have access to your teacher's profile, which includes a picture, information about their teaching style and background, and video files. Sit down with your child and look at the pictures - sometimes just knowing what their teacher looks like will help with some of the nervousness. It's also important to talk about your expectations for the lessons at this time.


Get Your Child's First Impressions


Talk to your child after the first lesson to find out what they thought of the experience and their teacher. Nervous beginnings are normal, but if your child doesn't like specific things about their teacher that you feel will impact their comfort level or overall success, it's completely OK to try out a different teacher. If you anticipate an issue – for example, your teacher isn't equipped to handle your energetic 5-year-old, it's much better in the long run to switch sooner rather than later.


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A guitar student learning music and guitar with a private, personal guitar teacher provided by LessonsWorldwide.

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·Prices will rise to $60/week on March 15th.

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A music student with LessonsWorldwide is singing from home while learning music with a qualified, personal music teacher.
A music student with LessonsWorldwide is learning guitar from home while learning music with a qualified, personal music teacher.









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