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7 Tips to be a Memorable

Music Teacher

There are countless ways to be an amazing music teacher. Here are seven tips that will help.

1. Have clear weekly goals. During the lesson, take notes on the topics of your student's interest. Set a goal for the next week's lesson. Immediately after the lesson, email these lesson notes to your student.


2. Demonstrate the music and playing of your instrument to the best of your ability each lesson. Many students learn quickly from hearing and seeing a musician who can clearly demonstrate correct technique and musical ideas.


3. Be over-prepared for lessons and very encouraging.


4. Be flexible during lessons because sometimes students are not prepared. Say, "No worries" when needed because students need positive reinforcement.


5. Set clear expectations of yourself for students. You are there to support and guide them during the musical learning journey.


6. Send your students friendly updates throughout the week. This could be an interesting video or interesting article. Email them, "I think you'd like this" or "You might find this interesting". Please stay professional during email exchanges like this.


7. Send a friendly text reminder of upcoming lessons such as, "I hope you're doing well. I'm looking forward to today's music lesson. See you soon."


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