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The Honor Code is  the LessonsWorldwide Teacher  Policy on integrity.


It articulates LessonsWorldwide's expectations of teachers and students in establishing and maintaining the highest standards in music and teaching.


LessonsWorldwide Teachers must:

1) Arrive to online lessons prepared, energized, and ready to help students with musical goals

2) Never show their bed or a cluttered room during a lesson

3) Be presentably dressed and look clean

4) Never use intoxicants before music lessons

5) Try new ways of describing a musical concept for students who learn in different ways

6) Always be supportive of students, even if the student has not practiced, is not prepared, or is not performing at the level of previous weeks

7) Never use bad language during music lessons with any students

8) Never yell at a student, or ask a student to leave a lesson

9) Never compare students to other students

10) Suggest resources that best fit a student's learning process

11) Work patiently with students of various learning styles

12) Value all participants and treat them with respect

13) Be sensitive and responsive to both group and individual dynamics

14) Motivate and inspire participants

15) Lead high quality and enjoyable music experiences

16) Be friendly, approachable and professional in any manner







We encourage teaching, helping students understand concepts and developing effective problem-solving approaches.


As a teacher through LessonsWorldwide, you have a high degree of trust from your students and the parents of the students. Many musicians quit music for years or altogether because of one overbearing teacher. We hope you are never going to be that teacher. Instead, at LessonsWorldwide, we focus on tutors who are G.R.E.A.T. - Genuine, Respectful, Exciting, Authentic, and Trustworthy, and flexible with each student's goals and needs. Before becoming a listed music teacher, please review our Teacher Guidelines. If you agree to all terms, you may be featured on the website for new students.


To Students

The LessonsWorldwide Teacher team understands finding a high-quality and flexible music teacher for your child can be  overwhelming. Many students continue to learn from the same music teacher for months and years. The LessonsWorldwide Teacher team is focused on bringing you the highest-quality teachers.


To Teachers

At LessonsWorldwide, we give you great responsibility in handling yourself with students using our service. As current and former students yourselves, we trust that you understand the principles of  engaging and effective teaching, but would like to remind you that you're required to uphold the following practices:


1. Strictly adhere to the above LessonsWorldwide Teacher Honor Code in all interactions.

2. The teacher's role is to help students understand concepts and develop effective problem-solving approaches.


Any evidence that you have knowingly disregarded this Honor Code will be cause for your immediate removal from the site.



LessonsWorldwide Teacher Honor Code

Great music lessons are more than teaching scales and answering questions.

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