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Music students wanting to learn music with experienced music teachers from home have all of their questions answered in the FAQs.

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Most Important Questions

Important Student Questions

Important Teacher Questions

Most Important Questions

How do I get started scheduling a lesson or choosing a teacher?

Check out our tutors' profiles on the site, and see who teaches your instrument at the times you are available. If you have questions about the lessons, you can send directly call, text, or email a message to the teacher. The tutors' schedules and contact information are always available for your viewing. Try a 15-minute trial lesson with the tutor that you're interested in, then buy weekly lessons.


Is there registration for LessonsWorldwide?

There is no registration required. You can directly contact our tutors. Becoming a tutor does not cost anything, though all tutors must go through the LessonsWorldwide application process, meet our requirements for experience and background, and agree to the Tutor Honor Code.


How do I coordinate my time zones to schedule through LessonsWorldiwde?

When contacting out tutors, ask them what they are in during the conversation or email. That way, you'll both be able to coordinate the free, 15-minute trial lesson.


How is payment handled through LessonsWorldwide?

LessonsWorldwide uses authorize.net, an extremely secure payment gateway founded in 1996, for payments of lessons. The payment through the site is held until the lesson takes place, and then is released to the teachers on a bi-weekly payment basis.


How much does it cost to take lessons on LessonsWorldwide?

Lesson fees are the same for all tutors for simplicity to the aspiring students. 30 minute lessons are $30 USD, and 60 minute lessons are $55 USD. Prices will rise on January 15th to $60 for 60 minute lessons.


Will we be using Skype?

Yes, Skype is the top-rated software for personal, online video because of the ease of use, superior video and audio quality, and fast speed. Download Skype for FREE here, create a free login name, and begin learning music with our trusted tutors.


Is there a trial period?

All of our tutors will teach a free, 15-minute lesson to see if they are a good tutor for  you. To schedule a trial lesson, choose a time on the tutors' schedule that works for you, then communicate with the tutor through phone call, text , or email message to schedule the trail lesson. Only one trial lesson per teacher, please, and remember that if you schedule a trial lesson, an experienced professional will be waiting for you on Skype at the scheduled time. Please respect the tutors' time, and only book a trial lesson if you are committed to attending it. If you accidentally book a trial and would like to cancel, please send a text or email to the tutor.


Are group lessons available?

LessonsWorldwide will be offering group lessons in 2016. We'll keep you updated with these new lesson plans.


How long is each lesson?

Lessons are 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Choose a lesson plan that works best with your schedule. Many committed music students enjoy 60 minute lessons each week for the most musical growth.


What is the cancellation policy for lessons?

Lessons must be canceled or rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice prior to the start time, on a business day, so that the tutor can be notified. To cancel, send a message to your teacher or contact LessonsWorldwide expert client team.


How am I billed?

Billing is simple and once per week to the card number provided at registration. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Visa debit, and PayPal. To cancel or postpone music lessons for any reason, email our expert client support team at

cancel@LessonsWorldwide.com, or call 805-874-2787.


What are the benefits of an online music education?

There are so many. First and foremost is the joy and self-fulfillment that comes from learning to make music, or improving in making music. Additionally, countless studies have demonstrated music's benefits to developing and increasing brain function, as well as social ability. Click for more on the benefits of music education and brain function. The online aspect of LessonsWorldwide brings the world of music teachers to your home, making more great teachers more accessible than ever before.


Are there gift certificates on LessonsWorldwide?

There are not gift certificates for lessons at this time, but we will include group lessons in 2016.



Important Student Questions

Will I get a refund if there was bad Internet connection and I was unable to have a successful lesson?

Yes, if it's your first lesson and you have a bad experience for any reason, we will refund your money. We do encourage you to test your set-up before each music lesson, in the interest of saving your teacher any difficulty in the case of a bad connection. We find that tutors and students are typically very willing to reschedule and try it again as that's always an option. The goal is to get you connected and learning, but if it's not possible, you will get your money back. Click for more on how to make the most of your online music lesson.


How do I pay my tutor on LessonsWorldwide?

After choosing a 30 minuite or 60 minute lesson wit your tutor, we take care of the payments to our tutors. Our tutors are paid after the lesson has occurred.


What equipment do I need to take a lesson on LessonsWorldwide?

You will need a computer, tablet/iPad, or smartphone with a webcam that is connected to high-speed Internet, and your instrument. It's a good idea to have a notebook and water handy as well so you don't have to spend lesson time getting them if they are needed. Click for more on how to video chat for your music lessons.


How do I choose a tutor on LessonsWorldwide?

Find teachers by looking for the things you care about like your instrument, the times that you are available for lessons, and if the tutor has the teaching style best for you. You can send out tutors texts or email messages if you have questions. Click for more on determining the right teaching style for you or for tips on how to find your next music teacher.


Can I communicate with my tutor when not in a lesson?

You can send your tutor texts and emails of information that you would like to share. You can also wish them a happy birthday!


How do I reschedule a lesson?

Please be respectful of your teacher's schedule and reschedule more than 24 hours prior to a lesson through phone call, text, or email message. Our tutors try to be flexible for emergencies.


Why aren't there tutor reviews?

Tutors must go through a five-part hiring process, including a background-check, agreeing to the Tutor Honor Code and Tutor Guidelines. Through this hiring process, many tutors find five to ten new students within weeks. Once a tutor is satisfied with the number of new students, a new tutor is featured on LessonsWorldwide.



Important Teacher Questions

How will LessonsWorldwide help me find students to teach?

LessonsWorldwide is an international marketing and advertising company specialized in attracting new music students through a series of over 20 simultaneous marketing systems, including attempts to partner with governments. LessonsWorldwide also allows you to extend a very professional online studio to your existing student clientèle.


How much teaching experience do I need to be a tutor on LessonsWorldwide?

Tutors are required to have taught music at least three years. Click for more on how to teach online or for a violin teacher's view of online music lessons.


How do I cancel/reschedule a lesson?

Reschedule before a lesson by calling, texting, or email messaging your student. Please be respectful of your students' schedules. Please don't reschedule without giving them proper notice.



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