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Steve Friedlaender is a valuable advisor to LessonsWorldwide because of his knowledge and experiences of music performance and music education.
All of the music teachers of LessonsWorldwide are high-quality, supportive, and teach private music lessons from home to music students.
LessonsWorldwide provides qualified, supportive music teachers for private music lessons from home. The company is founded by Kevin Jouannic.
A guitar student of LessonsWorldwide practicing guitar after a private music lesson with a qualified, supportive music teacher.

Our Story


The Birth of a Dream

In 2015, the 'Eureka!' moment occurred during one incredible

evening as the founder, Kevin Jouannic, was signing into Skype

 for the first time. After signing in to speak with a music performance

colleague, he heard her performing a Mozart concerto,

and  was completely in awe of the sound and video quality.

Through Skype, he was able to hear every musical note,

listen to tone quality, intonation, and saw her fingers

smoothly moving over the clarinet. Kevin asked himself,

if Skype video is of such high quality, why aren't more

musicians teaching music lessons like this?

Excitement filled Kevin's heart as he realized

that there are thousands of music students and

hobbyists throughout the world who can learn

and engage through personal, online music lessons.

LessonsWorldwide was born that evening, and has been

growing ever since.


About Private Music Lessons

Success in learning often depends on finding the right teacher;

someone who not only has expertise in the subject,

but also knows how to inspire. The teaching style

that works for one student may not work for another.

As a parent or student, how do you find the right match?

As a teacher, how do you find new students that fit your style? LessonsWorldwide® bridges this gap.



Our Mission

To be the leading global online education company - the first choice of students and teachers alike.


Read Our Core Company Values


LessonsWorldwide Executive Team














Kevin Jouannic - Founder & CEO

Favorite Leadership Book - The Truth About Leadership

Years Teaching Music - 10

















Yijuan Geng - Co-Founder & Executive International Strategist

Favorite Leadership Book - The 63 Success Principles

Years Teaching Music - 6






Ashley Beagin - VP of Teacher Hiring

Ashley has over 10 years of personal

experience working with hiring and talent

acquisition with Fortune 500 companies

in the U.S., and Fortune 500 companies

in India. She also studied singing and

dance for 15 years while growing up

and currently studies violin with a

LessonsWorldwide teacher.





Steve Friedlaender

Mr. Friedlaender is a graduate of

Harvard with a degree in architecture.

He is the Honorary Chairman of

the Board of Directors of New England

Conservatory of Music, and is on

the Board of Trustees for the Boston

Chamber Music Society. He is deeply

involved in the spreading of

music education.





Our Promise

Through personal, online music lessons, Lessons Worldwide is

truly committed to your achievements, accomplishments &

successes! You're provided with the most encouraging &

motivating tutors, deeply enriching experiences, & an engaged,

connected community.



US Headquarters

56 Ashford St, Boston MA 02134

We're expanding our offices to London, South America, and Beijing.





We at Lessons Worldwide:

                            - DARE TO DREAM BIG

                            - EVOLVE THROUGH LEARNING

                            - ARE POSITIVE & PASSIONATE

                            - PRACTICE TRANSPARENCY & CANDOR

                            - HELP OTHERS REACH THEIR TRUE POTENTIAL

                            - SHAPE CLIENTS INTO LOYAL FANS

                            - ARE GRATEFUL & CELEBRATE

                            - HONOR OUR WORDS WITH ACTION


We want to delight you with the ease of experience of music lessons. We also want to surprise you by going above and beyond your expectations. We always appreciate your comments & helpful suggestions. If you feel satisfied, please send the team a happy e-mail to support@lessonsworldwide.com.

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